Diet Tips for Heartburn Prevention

What you eat and how you feel can go hand in hand. Below you’ll find tips, tools, and information to help you avoid the onset of heartburn symptoms.

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Little Changes That Can Help Reduce Heartburn

Ideally, we’d all be perfect eaters and in star shape. Realistically, there are some little things we can do to eat healthier. Some may also help reduce heartburn.

Eat less

There’s no question that portions in Canada can be overly generous. Only eat until you don’t feel hungry. Eating until you feel really full can trigger heartburn.

Eat slowly

Seems really basic, but it’s true. Eating slowly and taking time to chew your food gives your body time to properly begin digestion.

Eat frequently

Some people find that eating smaller, more frequent meals can help ease their heartburn.

Eat plenty of fiber

Fiber helps optimize your digestion, which in turn can assist you in avoiding constipation. You can get fiber from whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, and legumes.

Think Herbs

Science is now discovering what your great-grandma knew instinctively: herbs are a good thing. They’re a delicious way to partially or wholly replace the triggers in your diet without compromising on flavor.
Some to try: Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary, Cilantro


Here are some tips that should help for your heartburn when you can’t sit down for a relaxing meal at home.

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As you may already know, fatty, greasy foods are a common heartburn trigger, as is being overweight. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind the next time you open a menu.

Set the wings free

Instead of greasy buffalo chicken wings, choose peel-and-eat shrimp

Cream of nothing

Skip any soup that starts with “Cream of…” and choose broth-based soup instead

Fried = fire

Instead of fried anything, choose grilled, blackened, roasted, or steamed to help avoid heartburn

On the side

Control the fat and calories of sauces and dressings by asking for them on the side

Sharing is nice

If you know the portions are huge, split your main course with a friend

Fast Food Hamburger

How to Reduce Heartburn Symptoms when Eating Fast Food

Next time you need to eat on the go, keep these tips in mind.

Order Smalls or Regulars

Skip the Doubles, Triples, and Larges in favor of regular-size items. One triple-size burger can pack over 1,200 calories and 70+ grams of fat*, bound to set your heartburn aflame.

Nix ketchup and mustard

If ketchup and mustard trigger your heartburn, then order your meal without.

Go grilled

Choose grilled items and skip anything out of the fryer, like french fries, crispy chicken, and fish fillet sandwiches. Fried foods are one of the most common heartburn triggers.

Add some green

Many fast food restaurants offer green salads. Choose them as your main dish or replace your fries with a side salad. Go easy on the dressing and remove tomatoes, if they’re a heartburn trigger for you.

*Based on CalorieKing™ information for triple-size burgers. Available at:
Accessed: May 4th, 2015

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