Uncompromising Heartburn Relief Medicine

Pepcid has three heartburn relief products, with unique formulas to reduce symptoms of heartburn. Sudden onset of heartburn? Try Pepcid Complete. One tablet is all you need for quick, long –lasting relief. If heartburn keeps you awake at night, try Maximum Strength Pepcid AC. It’s tough on heartburn, even at night. Planning on eating something you know causes heartburn symptoms? Take Original Strength Pepcid AC in as little as ten minutes before eating your meal to prevent heartburn before it starts. Find more information on Pepcid’s heartburn relief products by clicking on the product links below.

Uncompromising heartburn relief

When heartburn strikes, why compromise with other medicines that can leave you hurting, burning, or waiting? PEPCID® starts working fast‡ and lasts all day or all night.* Phew.
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PEPCID COMPLETE® Heartburn Medication

Works now. Works later.

Dual action PEPCID COMPLETE® starts to work on contact...

Maximum Strength PEPCID AC®

Have a good night, with Maximum Strength PEPCID AC®.

Even at night,...

Original Strength PEPCID AC®

Treat heartburn with trusted prevention and relief.

Original Strength PEPCID AC® still controls...

* Reduces and controls stomach acid for up to 12 hours

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