Dual-action PEPCID COMPLETE® is the first and only non-prescription heartburn reliever to combine an antacid + acid reducer for speed and duration in a single tablet. Works now, works later: Starts neutralizing acid in seconds and lasts long. Controls acid all day or all night.*

Original & Maximum Strength PEPCID AC® prevents and relieves: Starts working fast to prevent and relieve heartburn. Controls acid all day or all night*.

Some Other Heartburn Treatment Options:


Antacids start neutralizing acid on contact but they do not stop stomach acid from being produced.

Non-prescription PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors)

Non-prescription PPIs are an effective treatment for frequent heartburn (occurs 2 or more days per week). However, they are not intended to give immediate relief and are not intended for infrequent heartburn. They may take 3-5 days to become fully effective although some people get relief within 24 hours. They are available as a 14-day course of therapy that may only be repeated every 4 months.